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About Izzi B's

Izzi B's Allergen-Free Bakery is a wholesale bakery in Norwalk, CT. Although we do not have a retail storefront we do fill individual pre-orders with pick-up, by appointment daily.

Our products are free of gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, all nuts, and casein. No preservatives, no trans-fats, no refined sugar and cholesterol free. They are also vegan & kosher certified as well as celiac friendly.

All ingredients are either all-natural, organic or Fair Trade. All our food colorings are made of natural derivatives of plants. We supply frozen and freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and more, to retail establishments in Fairfield, New Haven and Westchester Counties as well as New York City.

We also offer individual pre-orders to customers right from our wholesale bakery to be pre-ordered and picked up by appointment, hand delivered, or shipped to you. We deliver - to New York City too! (We're currently working on getting into a store near you.) Our products freeze well and are great for schools, play dates, office events, all holidays, birthdays, weddings, bat & bar mitzvahs and just plain I-need-a-treat days! Our bakery is an allergen-free facility, ensuring that all of our baked goods are free of all the above listed allergens, all the time.
A perfect treat for everyone!




Our Story

My name is Pam and I am the proud owner of Izzi B’s Allergen-Free Cupcakes. Right before my daughter Isabella B (Izzi B) turned 1, I found out that she had an egg allergy. Her birthday was coming and that meant cupcakes! I tried in anticipation of the special day to make cupcakes my daughter could eat and that the other party-goers would enjoy as well.

Being a seasoned chef, I wasn’t satisfied with box mixes--or even my own. In the end I did use a box mix and substituted some ingredients.

I empathized with others that had no baking experience and that had put up with mediocre products. After all, a cupcake should be great. I vowed to myself at that point that I was going to make the most delicious allergen-free cupcake. My daughter started pre-school and as the process began, I heard more and more from friends and other mothers how their kids had allergies to milk, nuts, fruit, soy, wheat – the list goes on! I came to the conclusion that I could make a business out of this. It was a long road to the perfect allergen-free cupcake with so many allergens to think about, ingredients that I hadn’t used many of, baking being such an exact science and wanting to accommodate everyone--including adults (who doesn’t love a good cupcake). While researching I learned about Celiac Disease, and also concluded I could make the cupcakes for vegan diets as well. And, I decided to use agave as a sweetner which registers low on the Glycemic Index.



I am so proud of my cupcakes and know that even people without allergies love them, too. They contain natural, organic or Fair Trade ingredients. There are no preservatives or refined sugars. Whenever we would go to a party my daughter would ask if I was bringing a special cupcake for her – of course I was! Friends asked me to make them for their kids parties. My daughter’s school loved when I brought them for holidays and events because they knew that no one was going to be left out. I knew I needed to get serious with this business since I had the perfect recipe and people needed to be saved from mediocrity.

My daughter Isabella (Izzi B) turned 3 and participated in a food challenge. She can now can eat eggs, but Izzi B still loves her special cupcakes. I am confident that you will love them, too.


Thank You!

Chef Pam & Izzi B

About Chef Pam

 I’m Pam Nicholas, the proud owner of Izzi B’s Allergen-Free Cupcakes. I have a degree in graphic design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, then went on to earn a degree as a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. I’ve had the opportunity to work in some great kitchens with Mathew Kenney, Claude Troisgros and Laurent Tourondel.

I became a corporate chef working for Restaurant Associates in some of the most prestigious destinations in New York City: the Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations, the Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center. I’ve also traveled with Restaurant Associates to open accounts across the country including the Las Vegas MGM Grand, Suite Service at the Cleveland Browns Stadium in Ohio, the Los Angeles Downtown Music Center, the San Francisco Music Hall and the US Open in New York. I obtained most of my baking skills after leaving New York City to run smaller restaurants in New Hope and Yardley (Bucks County), Pennsylvania.



I feel the skills of quality that I took with me from my restaurant experience, along with the diversity of situations, experiences and attention to detail required at Restaurant Associates made me confident in knowing that anything is possible, even an allergen-free cupcake! Because... everyone deserves a cupcake.



The idea for Izzi B’s Allergen-Free Cupcakes came to me after my daughter, Isabella B (Izzi B), turned one. We found out that she had an allergy to eggs. I started on a mission to make the perfect cupcake after trying boxed brands and other “fresh” baked products. My daughter started preschool and I realized that I might be able to make a business out of the cupcakes. When she turned three, Izzi took a food challenge and was now able to eat products containing eggs. What a great day it was when we didn’t need the Epi Pen any longer! She still loves her “special” cupcakes and I’m sure you will, too.



My mission is to free people from mediocrity by providing an amazing allergen-free (no wheat, soy, eggs, gluten, dairy, nuts, casein), mostly organic, vegan, celiac-friendly cupcake. Izzi B’s cupcakes are also free of refined sugars, using only agave and evaporated cane juice. They do not contain honey, seeds, beans or apples, and only a small amount of xanthan gum (corn derivative). They are extremely moist and taste amazing—even if you don’t have a food allergy!




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