Layer Cakes

All our layer cakes have 3 layers and are decorated with Izzi B's signature design.  Just let us know what colors you would like and what we should write. We request at least one week notice when ordering cakes but we can usually do it in less time - just ask! (If you have a special request, please contact us. We're happy to discuss!) 

-We regretfully do not ship cakes at this time-

Theme Cakes

Specialty theme cakes, cupcakes with cake topper decorations or novelty theme rings are available. (We prefer that the customer supplies us with the toppers and novelty cake topper items also email us a picture of what you would like.) These specialty items may take up to 10 business days to arrive, and additional costs apply for full color & other embelishments.

For more custom cake designs, check out our facebook page

Classic Cake Flavors

• Golden Yellow
• Golden Chip
• Chocolate

Classic Frosting Flavors
• White "Ice Box" Frosting
• Chocolate "Ganache" Frosting

Seasonal & Specialty Frostings/Fillings
• Lemon "ice box"
• Raspberry
• Mocha
• Decaf espresso "butter"cream

Seasonal & specialty cakes
• Cinnamon French toast with maple frosting
• Strawberry shortcake
• I love lemon
• Healthy hostess
• Carrot cake
• Pumpkin with maple frosting(oct-nov)
• Carrot cake
• Gingerbread(dec)

Decorative Colors

Please choose up to three colors to decorate your cake. Please see the list above for color choices. All food colorings are all natural and contain glycerin, water, and all-natural and/or organic plant-based materials. Please visit our Ingredients page for more information.

Classic Cake Sizes & Pricing
Our prices are for the classic cake flavors & frosting. Seasonal & specialty cakes & frostings are priced accordingly. Custom designs on cakes are also priced accordingly.

* A $20 Minimum order is required.

Mini cake $5.50 (Serves 1-2 people)

3” Cake $24.00 (Serves approximately 4 people.)

5” Cake $42.50 (Serves approximately 10 people.)

8” Cake $68.00 (Serves approximately 16 people.)

¼ Sheet Cake $120.00 (Serves approximately 30 people.)

1/2 Sheet Cake $96.00 (1 layer; Serves approximately 24 people)

½ Sheet Cake $240.00 (Serves approximately 60 people.)